Design Academy Eindhoven - 2021
Reunion Island 
Fragments of Identity//Fragments of History 

Reunion Island, a french department located in the Indian Ocean has a great diversity of cultures and landscapes. The architecture of the colonial-influenced towns is extremely rich and composite, reflecting the island’s population, which comes from a variety of origins: Asia, particularly China and South-West India, Madagascar, East Africa and Europe.

Traditional buildings stand alongside religious buildings: Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian. These different religions coexist in harmony and nourish Reunion’s heritage.

However, Reunion is not excluded from the emergence of modernism. The urban and demographic growth of recent years in Reunion has changed the face of the cities.

After careful observation of the architecture of the Reunionese city, this project aims to recreate the harmonious coexistence of different cultures on this island. By creating a space that pays tribute to the cultural heritage and questions our relationship with each other and our environment. Here, the role of the designer is to find a balance to signify the importance of progress but also those of preserving the past.

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