Centre International de Recherche sur le Verre et les Arts plastiques - 2020
Marseille, FR 
Imprinted memories

This project emerges from a workshop at CIRVA (Centre International de Recherche sur le Aerre et les Arts plastiques) in Marseille. Through meticulous observation and the gathering of archives, including photos, videos, sketches, and limestone rocks, Raphaëlle Von Knebel identified the unique characteristics and richness of the Calanques National Park, situated along the Mediterranean coast in the South of France.

To capture the essence of the geographical territory, she translated her insights into 3D printing and crafted alginate molds. These molds became the foundation for creating unique glass pieces.  Throughout the process, there was a particular emphasis on engaging her fives senses. By climbing the cliffs of Callelongues, or wandering around the islands of Frioul, she tried to understand places through touch.

Glass not only reproduces the shape of the limestone but also preserves its imprint and memory. As a result, the glass seamlessly integrates with the material, much like the hand or the body does when in contact with a surface.

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